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Business & Process Sulotions

"Make the impossible simple and the simple possible"

In a world full of possible apps and platforms and API services, we strive to compose the most optimal, most effective and simplest services for customer experience and retention for an automated business.


Who we are

  • brain: tz is an association of sole proprietorships with a strong focus on customer-centric solutions and services for small and medium-sized businesses in the field of systems integration, customer loyalty and related services to help them capitalize on their business ideas and take them to the next level.

  • As a sole proprietorship, we have years of experience in IT, business development, marketing and sales,  worked with various start-ups and have managed projects for global players.


what we do

  • We offer you a platform for your company and the provision of intelligent systems and automation solutions that can also be tailored to your business requirements.

  • We help you through the whole transformation cycle of your business process optimization and automation

  • Our service portfolio is enriched by the connection to a committed partner ecosystem, which offers you the opportunity to experience additional professional services that will boost your organization.



how we do it

  • Through intensive research in the IT market and marketing opportunities, we try to amass a wide range of tools, systems and solutions, that will enrich your application network.

  • In doing so, we proceed according to relevant criteria, such as integration options, automation level, administrative time expenditure, etc.

  • We provide managed services, mainly in the initial phase. By means of our enablement strategy (not developing and creating, but activating and enabling), we enable an earlier "time-to-market"



we believe

  • in simplifying complexity by breaking it down into smaller pieces to make it easier to understand. 

  • in a center for enablement approach to decentralize and democratize application development and data access to different lines of business.

  • that automation sets free the real potential of data analysis and science.

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