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Wave Goodbye To Your Busy Work Life..

..and automate like Fortune 500. Integrate your cloud applications. Automate your marketing, sales and business processes and much more.
Connect 100+ Apps
With, you can connect and auto sync data between your favorite Sales, Marketing, CRM, eCommerce apps and then some..
No Coding Required
Connect your apps and automate repetitive tasks in minutes with our easy to use
drag n drop interface. No coding required.
Powerful Apps
Built-in apps give you the power to design workflows exactly how you want them.
  • Conditional Filters Use filters when you want an automation to run only when certainconditions are met
  • Timer - Using timer, you can control when your automation gets executed
  • Data Formatter - You can use this app to extract specific data from a block of JSON/XML data.

With 2-factor authentication and bank-level encryption you can always be rest assured about your data.

24/5 customer support  to help you via live chat and email. All our paid plans also include one time onboarding calls.

Guaranteed 99.99% uptime. Just set up your automations once and we’ll take care of the rest.




With ToughBlue we are able to automate everything without being shackled with standards.
Customization and enablement of specific interfaces, coding and system integration are being enhanced. This will result contiuous improvement and amend your processes.


Experiences in logistics, tourism, chemistry, recruiting, real estate, and wholesale are combined with this joint venture to customize automation.

Together we cover automation processes in the area of  HR, Sales & Marketing, Service Delivery, Procurement, Finance, Project Management Office

Tough Blue


Center 4 Enablement

With our Center 4 Enablement approach we fulfill connectivity needs through an API led approach ,​

looking for the prototypes  of APIs that will serve your process automation and amend or configure these to your specified needs. 

Concerted Program
Layer Automation

Concerted Program Layer Automation defines our methodology that incorporates  different function layers of  APIs that will  connect  your systems, automate processes and provide purpose-built APIs.

Domain Driven


With a Domain Driven Design methodology we will make sure that the optimization of processes and their automation will be designed as needed per department and then integrated into the existing environment.


Product Owner

For us, processes are built as a story that requires a WHAT and WHY, thus we will create your process story together with you, to make sure to fulfill the essential needs and making them potential applicable and shipable.

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